Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blurry Bento...oops!

Please excuse the blurry, taken-at-my-desk-before-I-chow-down pic taken with my cell phone camera!!  I'm trying to convince hubby that I need an iPhone...have not been successful!!

I gave my new lunch container from Avon another shot on Monday.  I'm determined to figure out the best way to use them.  My original thought was to stick with sandwiches in the big half and extras in the other.  On the other hand, I've really been craving a salad and we had some fixins' that needed to be used so I decided to give it a shot.  At lunchtime I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to find that nothing was spilled save a few sunflower seeds but I can deal with that!!

I've also started keeping an eye out when we eat at restaurants or get take out for things I can reuse in my bentos.  Below you'll see a condiment cup I re-purposed for my salad dressing.  I've also held onto some picks that were used to keep burgers together at lunch Saturday.  I'm hoping to use them for some fruit kebabs soon!

On the left: yummy salad with carrots, grape tomatoes & cheddar cheese w/ ranch dressing
On the right: croutons & sunflower kernels to add crunch to my salad, half a cookie, leftover chicken drumstick and a babybel cheese.

For this bento, I used:

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