Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post Holiday Lunch

Lunch: Tuesday June 1, 2010

After the holiday weekend, I wasn't too enthusiastic about beginning another new workweek so I put off putting my lunch together as long as I could.  Add to that we didn't make it to the grocery store as planned and that led to a late night scramble.

Bento 2010.06.01 1

I've got here two turkey and cheese roll-ups on wheat bread.  I really like the idea of these but I need to work on the execution.  I gottta have something crunchy so there are pretzels in a silicone baking cup.  Also in silicone baking cups are cheese cubes and mix of teddy grahams and animal crackers I "borrowed" from my daughter.

I'm pretty sure I'd had hummus before but on a quick stop at the grocery store I picked up some in roasted red pepper flavor.  I have been loving it!!!  I used it on my turkey roll-ups instead of mayo and it added a nice little kick to an otherwise mild sandwich.  I'll be experimenting with it quite a bit this week!!

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