Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breakfast for Munch

Munch has physical therapy every Thursday and to make those rushed mornings a little less chaotic, we take her breakfast with us and she eats it at the picnic table in the waiting room.  Lately, the easiest thing for me has been to make pancakes the night before.  Munch loves them and they are pretty easy to eat without making a huge mess.

This week, I put banana slices in them.  It didn't work that great so I probably won't do that again.  In the little compartment are blackberries.  And a napkin under the blackberries. 

Bento 2010.06.03 1

Luckily I put the extra pancakes in a container for Daddy, who had PT duty this week, because Miss Munch was apparently still hungry after eating the two I packed for her.

This breakfast was put together in my new EasyLunchboxes!!!  I was surprised how big they were!  Although I guess I needed one more pancake in there for Munch, I think they might be a little too big to use for her breakfasts.  But for my lunch, which I'll post later, it was just right.

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