Friday, May 28, 2010

Why Bento?

Why not?
Seriously though, there are many benefits to using the bento method besides the fact that they are super cute!!
The bento method encourages less waste and packaging material.  Disposable bags are pushed aside to make way for sturdy reusable containers.  Also, packing your lunch means less burger wrappers, fry boxes & Styrofoam cups in a landfill somewhere.
Continuing from my last point above, there’s no need to hit the drive-thru when you have a yummy meal in a bento container ready to eat!  Bento lunches (& breakfasts in my case) also promote portion control. 
I think most would agree that buying things in bulk is usually more economical that single-serve packages.  Bento meals encourage using creative means to transport your meal from kitchen to school/work.  And again, eating meals made at home is often more cost-effective and budget friendly than frequenting the local fast food joint.
However, from what I’ve seen on other bento blogs, the cost savings may be negated once you’re addicted to the fun bento containers & accessories that are out there.  At this point, I haven’t purchased anything new and have been using containers & gadgets I already own.
Bento meals give you an outlet to be creative!!  Perk up a sandwich with smiley faces made of vegetable garnishes, use cookie cutters to make fun shaped cheese bites, use animal picks to make fruit kabobs…the options are endless!!!!
These are some of the main benefits of bento lunches.  I hope you’ll give it a try!!!

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